30 Sweet Things to do for Your Girlfriend

Unlike what many people think, making your girlfriend happy is actually easy if done the right way. As a man, you need to make your girlfriend constantly feel loved and safe. Simply follow these 30 sweet things to do for your girlfriend and no you’ll regain some brownie points. Enjoy!


Cute things to do for your girlfriend

  1. A simple “I love you”

While it is easy, it also doesn’t cost a dime. Saying the words “I love you” while staring at her eyes could mean a lot to her. With these words and an honest look in your eyes, you can give her assurance that you’ll always be by her side. This is a very cute thing to do for your girlfriend and you’re almost guaranteed to gain brownie points.

  1. Love notes and love letters

A simple note or letter that you leave on her desk or on the fridge could also make your girlfriends day. These reminders would inspire and motivate her to pursue her goals as she goes through her day.

  1. Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? One of the simple joys of women is to be given flowers. While giving flowers during occasions would mean a lot, doing so off occasions would also make your girlfriend special.

  1. Text messages

Now, this shouldn’t be just the regular text message – you need sweet text messages. This is especially useful if you are at a distance apart. A sweet text would immediately mean that you think of her and that you care.

cute things to say to your girlfriend - I love you

  1. Call

Just to hear your voice for a couple of minutes or seconds would already make her feel secure and strong. Call her and ask how she is doing – this would make her feel appreciated.

  1. Respect your girlfriend

Some guys forget to respect their girlfriend simply because they’re already in a relationship. Remember that your respect for her is what made her say ‘yes’ to you in the first place. If she feels respected, she feels loved.

  1. Security

There are a lot of times when your girlfriend feels scared, worried, or frightened. Having someone to make her feel secure could counter all these emotions.

  1. Complimenting her

Women love to be complimented – especially with their effort and how they look. So, always stay on the lookout for that new earring, hair cut, or new dress that she is trying to hide. If you notice those and give her compliments, she’ll really appreciate it.

  1. Listen

Girls simply love to pour out their emotions – let alone their words. In this regard, it would be great to listen to her and pay attention to the details. As you listen, also immerse yourself in the conversation.

  1. Time with her

If you’re in a relationship, you should always remember to spend time with your girlfriend. Always set a specific time where you can bond with your girlfriend. Letting her know that you have time for her, makes her feel important to you.


cute things to do for your girlfriend

How to keep her wanting more

  1. Gifts and surprises

Surprise your girlfriend with simple gifts like ice cream, a pair of shoes, or a hat. Your gift doesn’t have to be too expensive and complicated. Just think of the things that can make your girl smile or laugh about. Girls love feeling wanted and love being thought about, this is how to keep her wanting more.

  1. Pampering her

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? Pamper her with a poem, food, massage or her favorite song.

  1. Make her laugh

Laughter is the best medicine – and it can also strengthen your bond with your girlfriend. Jokes, pranks or funny faces, making her laugh entertains her and makes you fun to be with.

  1. Sincere apologies

Whenever you apologize, make sure to do it sincerely. Doing so makes her feel that you care about what she feels. Regardless if it’s through a text, email, call, or in person, do it sincerely.

  1. Hugs

Hugs are warm, soft and comfy and can make your girlfriend feel safe around you. It is also an indication that you miss your girlfriend.

  1. Making her feel special

To make her feel special you need to make more effort. You can treat her more than how you treat your other friends. Let her know that she is above any other girls… aside from your mom of course.

  1. Always say thank you

Regardless of the size or event, always say thank you to your girlfriend. This brightens up her day.

  1. Cooking for her

For the good cooks, congratulations! For those who are terrible in the kitchen, you need to work on your skills. Preparing food for her is a lot more valuable than food from any five-star restaurant because it is made with love. If you need a hand, try this free cookbook out for size.

  1. Holding hands in public

This is simply a public declaration that means “hey, she’s my girlfriend and I want the whole world to know.” Doing so simply means that you are proud – and this makes her glad that you are.


How to make your girlfriend smile

  1. Lend a hand

A boyfriend is also an extra pair of hands for girlfriends. Lend a hand whenever she needs it and this will make your girlfriend smile.

  1. Make decisions with her

Including her in your decisions make her feel that you are always thinking of her. She’ll be happy to know that you remember her in important things.

  1. Be a sweet boyfriend

Being sweet like smiling back at her, getting her a chair, extra ketchup when getting fries at a resto means a lot to her. Remember that women love a true gentleman, so practice these sweet things to do for your girlfriend and you’ll get there!

  1. Go out for dates

Dating out can also make your girlfriend feel excited and could give her a sense of fun. Dating gives you the pleasure to know more about your girlfriend as you go with your ventures.

  1. Loyalty

Your girlfriend wants you alone thus you should also provide the same thing. Stay true and loyal to your girlfriend and she’ll be the best girl you can ever dream of.

  1. Her friends and family are also yours

Learn to like her friends and family. These are the most important people to her and if you want to be important to her, make sure to go along with them.

  1. Sharing

Share without hesitations. Sharing even the simple things mean that you trust her and value her.

  1. Traveling

Traveling with your girlfriend opens new adventures and excitement in your relationship. This would be a great opportunity to reinforce your relationship as you go through challenges as you travel.

  1. Engage in her interests

If you are interested in her interests, she would feel that you are connected to her. This makes her feel that you can go along well with each other.

  1. Value her opinions

Women love to be heard and feel that their opinions matter. This makes them feel respected and it makes them more confident about themselves.

  1. Stay true

You need to stay true – both to your words and your actions. Lies would cause damage to any relationships. Always remember to keep your word and do things for her and not for anyone else.

Sweet things to do for your girlfriend

No doubt if you follow these sweet things to do for your girlfriend, you will succeed in reclaiming brownie points. However, just remember this isn’t a quick fix that will last forever. These are things you need to practice often. It’s about consistency, not bulk things at once.